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Happy Tuesday everyone! 

I wanted to share a quick post about the Pink Impact event that I just attended at my church!

We watched by simulcast as the event actually took place at Gateway Church in Saltlake, TX.   It was a two day event, from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon.  I did not get to attend in the morning  or most of the day because I had to work, but I was there by 5pm and and it lasted until about 9pm, so I did still get some priceless encouragement and information.

  When I arrived it was break time and the ladies were fellowshipping, taking pictures with the fabulous props and backdrops that the WOW (Women of Worth) ladies put together and  having dinner.  We then started to play some games and door prizes were given by vendors that attended our event.  Soon after the Pre show .  Interviews, some praise and worship and introduction of Todd  White, the third speaker of the day.  

I had never heard of nor heard any of Todd White’s speeches, at times I was thinking, what in the world…. but as I continued to hear his testimony, I knew why he had the excitement and joy that he did.  I am looking forward to listening to more of his testimonies and encouragement, you can’t help but to want what he has!  I encourage everyone reading this post to look him up.  

The night ended with my favorite worship singer Kari Jobe!  Such a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit that night.  I left with an overwhelming eagerness to get back in the morning.

On Saturday morning, we started with worship by Kari Jobe again.  The worship prepared our hearts for the messages we were about to hear.  First was Priscilla Shirer.  Although I knew of her, I had never heard any of her messages, and I was completely blown away at her technique of delivering such a relatable message.  She used analogies from the movie The Karate Kid (the original one) to make her message clear about what God wants to help prepare us for.  It was amazing! 

Next was Christine Cain, same thing with her, I had heard of her but never had heard her speak.  Again, I was blown away!  After a few minutes of focusing on her Greek accent, I didn’t even notice it anymore because what she was saying was so, so eye opening.   She taught out of Genesis.  It was a beautiful message about being unashamed and about believing who God says you are.  

The words she spoke just stayed with me all day, weekend and still today.  Because every single day the enemy can tell you who you are not, he whispers in your ear and if you don’t know The Word of God, you will believe it.  God looks for you like he looked for Adam, “where are you?” Adam was hiding because he was naked and ashamed.  God asked Adam, “who told you that you were naked?”  The enemy will always want to make you feel ashamed so that he can stop you from your destiny.   What really matters is who does God say I am.  What does God say about me?  My God says, I am enough, I am worthy, I am…you fill in the blanks! And if you can’t… read The Bible, you will know exactly who God says you are.  💕

These were my thoughts and my takeaway from this event.  I can not wait for next years Pink Impact!  It is a much needed fellowship for women, because we all know that amazing things happen when women get together to pray, worship and hear the word of God.  Huge thank you to the ladies at Life Community Church, LaPorte TX.  that helped put the event together for the rest of us to enjoy.

As always, thanks for reading!😘

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