Lemonade Spotlight Brunch

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I am honored to share with you all about an event that I was invited to attend on this past Sunday. A beautiful and inspiring event from The Diamonds and Pearls Mothers Non-profit Organizaton. The event was called “Lemonade Spotlight Brunch,” celebrating National Women’s History Month.

Who are Diamonds and Pearls Mothers?

Diamonds and Pearls Mothers, “this non-profit organization has honored the extraordinary achievements of women. The D&P mission is to salute prominent mothers and recognize the invaluable contribution mothers make to the future success and happiness of children and society.” Sunday’s brunch was about “shining the light on several inspiring women in our community, as well as learn about the Diamonds and Pearls Mothers role as an advocate in the areas of health,education and economic empowerment.”

Lemonade Spotlight Brunch

Going into this event, I did not now what to expect. I arrived and let me just say the venue was beautiful, so for me that set the mood for me to feel special to have been invited. I walked in and I was warmly greeted by hostesses and the beautiful Diamonds and Pearls Mothers founder, herself, Ms. Yvette Adams. Ms. Amanda Lambardo greeted me as well and showed me to our table. All of the tables were beautifully decorated with vases some filled with lemons and limes, some with flowers and all had handwritten inspirational quotes. There were makeup, bath and body and fashion vendors set up who made the event that much more interesting. There was a female DJ who kept the vibe cheerful and engaged. The mimosa bar was fabulously set up with fruits and juices setup for our enjoyment. When it came time for brunch, the chef was prepared to custom make our delicious omelets, bacon and grits were also on the menu.

Guest Speakers

The guest speakers were phenomenal to say the least. Each of the ladies that spoke shared something unique from their past experiences, heartaches, fears or hurts to inspire us. I learned something very special from each of the ladies. Each had different ways to deliver the message however, we all could relate to every single speaker in one situation or another, even the men that were in attendance were inspired. From Kyra Hardwick, I learned how to build a team and rely on God’s timing to make it happen. From Amanda, I learned that its ok to ask people for help, and especially ok to ask God who knows you best for help. From Michelle, I learned to set goals for myself, and to keep trying, never give up, there is always a shift that will happen. Lastly but certainly not last from Dr. Jacquie, I learned how to cover our children and those we love, cover them in prayer! I learned that as a community we must do this for not only our children, but for all children we interact with. Also, I met with a young lady who was already using her platform of being Miss Ultimate Beauty East Texas to be an amazing asset to the community. Below I will attach all of the guest speakers and everyone else who made this and all the other events to follow possible.

Why do I keep using the word inspired? Well, because all of the speakers were very confident and spoke openly about their faith. They spoke about God and how HE has been the ultimate source in their lives. To me, it was like having church because there were some moments of prayer! I know those ladies are followers of Christ to speak with such grace and boldness, that kind of inspiration can only come from God!


I encourage you to follow these ladies on social media and see what they are all about! I went to the brunch to see what I could do for them, to gain awareness to the organization. The truth is, I learned so much from each speaker and I was completely taken back at how God gave them the perfect words to pour into us for encouragement.

Hostesses~ Gabrien Carmouche, Brooke Buckner

Miss Ultimate Beauty East Texas~ Loren Holmes

Ms. Ultimate Beauty Central Texas~Jermaine Justice

Miss Ultimate Beauty Louisiana ~ Rebecca Edwards

Brunch Mistress Of Ceremony~ Iris M. Lancaster~ Vice Chair of D&P Mothers

Invocation~ Elvita Jackson

Spotlight Guest Speakers~ Kyra Hardwick~ The Kyra Consulting Agency

~Amanda Lombardo~ Indigo Rose Project Makeup Artistry

~ Michelle A. Smith~ The Shift Starter

 Spotlight Keynote Speaker~ Dr. Jaquie Hood Martin, PhD~ J. Hood and Associates

Special Encouragement~ Tanyetta Hagger-Buckner~Executive Director of D&P Mothers

Closing Spotlight Remarks~ Yvette Adams ~Founder of D&P Mothers

Brunch Buffet Sponsored by~Sleepy’s Po Boy Restaurant

Sponsors~ Cooking with a Twist, Dc Lettering Calligraphy, Indigo Rose Project, Kisa Kisa Handbags, Makeup By Shatara, Jive Juice Company

Table Brunch Supporters~Patricia Citizen, Breuna Tezeno, Charryse Johnson

Brunch Supporters~ Chef Timothy Saddler, DJ RocaBye, Lenny Clickedit,

Ursula Chester Photography

Spotlight Bloggers~ Elizabeth Rubalcava, Lakitia Woodard

Upcoming Event

Mother’s Day Awards Gala~ Saturday, May 13,2018 Rice High Rise Building Downtown

Diamonds and Pearls Mothers

Every Mother’s Day weekend, the Diamonds & Pearls Mothers continue their mission of empowering women and children to be self-sufficient. Last year, a portion of the proceeds was donated to the women of the Wellsprings Women Treatment Facility. Four extraordinary women were honored.

Last but not least a special Thank You to Amanda Lambardo with Indigo Rose Project for inviting me to be apart of this amazing event!

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