Leaving a Legacy

What will your legacy be?

So, this post has been in the works for some time now for me.  As most of us say, “this new year I plan to be more productive.”  Well that was my true intention.  So, let me start explaining this title post.  I chose this title because of this year I attended two funerals at the beginning of the year and I had to postpone writing.  I’m happy I waited though, because they contributed to this post.  I sat at these two funerals and I thought about how beautiful it is for friends and family to get up and talk about you with beautiful memories.  Not only were memories shared but how the person made them feel on a daily basis was also shared.

It made me think about what people will remember about me once I’m gone.  Most importantly, what will my children, grandchildren and God willing my great-grandchildren remember about me?  What is the legacy I am leaving behind for them?  And I don’t mean monetary but, what values, standards and spiritual legacies am I leaving them with. What will my friends and family have to say about me?  I have never really thought remembered for leaving a beautiful legacy.

At church, pastor is currently preaching a sermon about this topic exactly.  The Legendary Series, its called.  Pastor began with the story of  Rahab and Salmon and so forth.  Every Sunday I go wanting to know  more about the genealogy of King David.  If you have never read the story, its a great reminder of how God doesn’t care who or what  you are, but if you have faith, God can use you in great ways!

What will your legacy be?  How do you want to be remembered? 

Who are inspiring on a daily basis?

As always thank you all for reading and I hope I am leaving you inspired to  work on leaving a beautiful legacy!


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    Very will said sista. But it’s not the 17 yet.. Lol.. Your right and you know it’s weird you being this topic up because I have thought about what or who will speak at my funeral. I think to my self I know whatever they say it’s going to be good 🤗

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