The gift of time…


On my social media I recently posted “What do you gift a person who says they don’t need anything? Time, you spend time with them.” I actually gave thought to that post and now I really want to elaborate on it a little more because I feel like spending time with your loved ones truly is the best present you could gift them, especially during the holidays. Sometimes a good friend or family time is all one needs. The conversations and laughs are real, the moments tangible, the memories priceless and forever.

What made me post that in the first place?

Every year on Thanksgiving my family draws names for Christmas, Secret Santa.
I was making my wishlist and my mom says, “I don’t know what to put, I don’t need anything.”
My first thought was yes you do, you need…. And started to make a list in my head, but then I told her, “well, think of things that when you go to the store, you say I will buy that later, or next time.” She agreed and before you know it, she had a list. That moment stayed with me for the rest of the day and days to follow. I thought about how busy I had been or how much I can get into my own distractions that sometimes I do not call my mom everyday or how long it had been since I talked to my dad. I am truly blessed that I can still pick up the phone and call them, so I need to make a cautious effort to do so. No everyday won’t be ideal to call instead of text but it can be done more often than not.  I’ve noticed in the past few years that my mom is always wanting for all of the family to be together often especially for a holiday. Although, we do get together I guess maybe it’s not as often as we used to.  The kids are bigger and making their own plans, work schedules and other engagements can sometimes make it hard for all of us to be together at once.  It just made me think of how she’s craving time with her family. I think we can all think of someone who is craving time with us.
I thought about how much we really can make some special memories with our loved ones if we were to be more intentional with our time.  My grandmother is very ill right now and I had planned to go see her on Thanksgiving but time just didn’t allow.  Tomorrow  I’m being intentional on going to see her even if it is for an hour or so. I do not have an extremely close relationship with her, I still feel compassion towards her and before it’s too late I would like the opportunity to be with her because I know she could use the company, she feels lonely sometimes.
I always cherish the time I do spend with my family and friends, not everything I do or places I go are for social media.  Not all conversations or moments are to be repeated with someone else, it’s a special bonding time that belongs to those who are present.  This is a short but sweet post, I hope you all can join me in being more intentional with our loved ones.  Maybe this can be my New Year’s resolution, and yours, to be more intentional.  As always, thank you for reading and enjoy the weekend!

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