Christmas Lights!

As promised I’m writing a brief review of our visit to River Oaks neighborhood in Houston, TX and Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, TX.

We visited River Oaks on Friday night. Still being early December, I found that a lot of people still needed to put up their lights. We even saw a few people just starting to decorate. Its not a big disappointment to us because we can always take a drive back there, we usually visit more than once during the season anyway. It’s free and as I mentioned I know more people will be decorating. We went by the house of the people that decorate their entire lawn and even have a Santa there to take FREE pictures with! They actually take the pictures for you, and upload them to social media (Facebook) where you can copy them for yourself, how awesome is that! If you have Facebook search, River Oaks Houston lights and you will find their page to get more details.

On Saturday we my family and I took a drive to Santa’s Wonderland in Collage Station. I have a 19,14 and 4 year old. We also had my nephew with us, he’s 17. The rest of my family would meet us there a few hours later. We left the house about 12pm because we actually wanted to tour Texas A&M before Santa’s Wonderland, however due to heavy traffic and construction, we made it just in time at 3pm for the opening of Wonderland.
We arrived and parked in the general parking area, we waiting in line for about 5 min for a shuttle bus to take us to the entrance. We had our tickets ready and we were in. It was daylight and the weather was still very warm. I looked around and immediately thought to myself that I couldn’t wait for it to get dark because I knew it would look so much nicer with the lights all around. The first activity we did was take Ashton in the little train ride. My husband and I got on with him, while the other 3 big kids walked around. Being that it was daylight the ride was quite boring. We passed through bushes and areas that I could tell had lights but you couldn’t see them yet, lasted about 5-10 min.
Next we headed over to the smaller of the two inflatable slides they had. Ashton was in and out of there quickly too. We met up with the other 3 kids and asked where they had been and to our surprise they had already visited all the little shops. My son Jaden seen a light up necklace he wanted so we went to get it for him. It was clear that the big kids were bored and I couldn’t wait for 6pm for the hay ride to start. We then decided to get some turkey legs and sit for a few minutes while we waited for my little sister and her family to arrive. My daughter and I visited the ladies room and I was very very pleased with the cleanliness. All of the fixtures were nice and updated, nothing was falling apart or looked old.
Next we headed over to the hay ride line where it was already forming and filling up fast. Total we waited in line for about an hour and a half. When it was our turn all 15 of us were able to ride together. The lights were amazing, they did not disappoint. Everyone was so taking pictures, the driver was going slow enough for everyone to get pictures and enjoy the lights as they changed colors and played out their figures. All of the kids at this point were amused and enjoyed seeing all the lights. The ride lasted about 30 min.
After the hay ride some of us enjoyed funnel cakes and I went to the winery area I had been eyeing. I chose the first wine that caught my eye, a pretty pink colored wine and it was delicious! The winery is called Wonderland Winery and the name of the wine was Bulbcicle Blush, a strawberry Riesling. I loved it so much, you didn’t taste the alcohol in it, so I asked the wine maker how much was in it and if I could find that wine in stores? The wine had 8.4% alcohol, she mentioned that all the sweet wines had 8.4%, which was really surprising to me because I do not usually drink that high of alcohol, my favorite Stella Rosa wines only have between 5-6% alcohol. It was so good I bought two bottles and I hope to join their wine club because that’s the only way to get that wine, to join the wine club or during the Santa Wonderland experience.
So, my final thoughts on Santa’s Wonderland? I think it’s good for little kids, maybe 10 and under. The hay ride is good for everyone, all ages enjoyed. Will I go back, yes, but not yearly, maybe every couple of years.
These are solely my opinions about these places, I do encourage you to check online for prices at Santa’s Wonderland and locations and if you can go, go!

Thanks for reading and if you have questions, comment below ⬇️, I will respond 😉

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