Why ESPN has a new show about sports and life that’s about to change the way we think about sports


headline ESPN is in early talks to air a new sports documentary that’s set to be one of the most anticipated sports events of the year. 

The project is described by the network as a “major step forward” in ESPN’s sports journalism history.

The documentary will be written and produced by Michael McCann, who also directed the 2016 doc, The Art of Football.

ESPN says it’s “trying to reinvent what sports journalism is and how to do it with the same vision and passion.” 

ESPN has been known to try and push its sports programming on younger viewers, and the new project will be a departure from its current programming.

ESPN’s original sports documentaries were mostly documentaries that were about the most exciting, controversial or fascinating athletes.

ESPN had two docos about the NFL that were highly rated.

The first, The Game, was the network’s most popular docos of all time. 

Then, in 2013, ESPN launched a docos on college football, which were not very good at the time.

ESPN made a big deal out of one docos, a series of ESPN-produced documentaries that showed how college football players made millions on the open market.

But the series also was criticized for not being as objective as ESPN’s documentaries.

ESPN is also making a documentary on the NBA.

It’s been in development for years.

The new ESPN documentary will likely be the network next to be filmed. 

ESPN’s move to a new programming model is expected to be a big change for the network, which is also trying to move past the perception of sports as an afterthought in its schedule. 

When ESPN launched its docos in the early 2000s, it had a lot of documentaries about the college football team, but the focus was more on the teams themselves, not the coaches. 

As a result, ESPN did not have many documentaries about college football in the late 2000s.

ESPN has said it will be trying to shift the focus to college football by airing more documentary about the NCAA tournament.