How you can win a big prize in a new game title


You might have heard of an online game called Dead Body that lets you collect bodies to build a giant skeleton.

The idea is simple, you have to collect bodies in order to build the skeleton of your dreams.

It’s a very unique game, and it has been around for some time.

But it was just yesterday that a group of game developers were able to use Dead Body to create a game called Zombicide.

The game was developed by an indie studio called Dead Pixel Games, and the studio had to go through a lot of changes.

“We had to re-learn how to make our game and make it work,” co-founder and co-owner of Dead Pixel Studio, Kevin Mancuso, told

The studio, based in Sydney, has been working on Zombicides since late 2016, but it was never released on consoles.

“Zombicide is a completely different experience,” he said.

“I think that it’s a game that we haven’t made in a while, but I can tell you that it is a really fun game.”

It’s called Dead Bullet, because the idea is that you collect dead bodies, and you have the ability to build your own zombie, which is an actual character in the game.

Mancusto said he didn’t want to use the term “zombicide” as a brand because it was a “toy” and “fun” game.

The Zombie Zombie game was an attempt to reinvent the zombie genre in the age of social games, and there was a lot to work with in the process.

“The zombie genre is pretty old-school,” Mancuscuso said.

The Zombie Zombie is a game about killing zombies, and Mancusso said they didn’t have any real experience working with a social game like Dead Bullet.

“We did our research, we talked to people, we tried to get some ideas for zombie games,” he explained.

“That’s why we did Zombies.”

The Zombie Zombies is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you are trapped in a zombie infested hospital, where you have a limited amount of food and resources.

There are zombies in the streets and you can’t be too careful around them.

You have to kill them, and by killing zombies you earn XP, which unlocks weapons, items and abilities.

You also have to complete the Zombie Zombies’ missions, which can include finding a dead body.

If you are not careful, you could end up with a zombie you can no longer use.

“So you have all these objectives and all these challenges, but you’re going to be able to kill it, and if you get caught, you lose everything you own,” Mance said.

It sounds like a challenge, and that’s exactly how the game plays.

You play as a zombie, and can move about freely.

There’s a map, and on it are a few different zombies that you can kill.

You can either choose to kill each one individually, or kill them in groupings.

“There’s a bit of a zombie twist to it,” Manchus said.

You are able to create your own Zombie Zombies, which will spawn at certain points in the city, and they will try to kill other Zombies.

It will also take a few days to collect all the zombies, but once you do that you will unlock new weapons and abilities to help you complete the game’s missions.

“A lot of the gameplay stuff that you’ve seen before, it’s all pretty simple,” Mascus said of Zombiys combat.

“It’s all about trying to get the most kills, and killing the most zombies, you get XP, you unlock more weapons, and then you get to the final boss.”

Dead Bullet is the first zombie game to use technology from the social gaming genre, and has been downloaded more than 30,000 times, and earned more than $3 million in revenue.

“This was just a really cool project for us,” Maccus said about Zombiers social game.

“Obviously, we had a lot invested in it and we were excited to see it get a release on Steam.”

It was also a great way to get into the business of making games.

Dead Bullet started out as a way to make the studio more profitable, and eventually turned into a full-fledged game.

Mancusi said the reason they had to change their game was because of the financial situation in the company.

“When we started working on the project, we were looking to monetise it and it was kind of a no-brainer that we wanted to make a living off it,” he told News at the time.

We were making some of the best content in the industry and it wasn’t financially viable to continue making it, he said, and ultimately the studio lost the funding.

The team at Dead Pixel was able to take