How to remove tattoo on your body


By KEVIN BERRY, Associated PressThe tattoo that appears to be a heart or heart-shaped tattoo on the back of a tattooed arm is one of hundreds of designs that are being sold as tattoo designs on an unregulated, self-described “dark web” marketplace.

But the U.S. government and federal authorities are warning about the potential for buyers to sell counterfeit designs on the site.

“The government has not yet received any credible reports of criminal activity,” a statement from the Drug Enforcement Administration said on Wednesday.

“The government is working closely with state and local law enforcement and the U!


Postal Inspection Service to investigate these reports.”

The U.N. agency said it has not seen any instances of counterfeit tattoo designs being made, but noted that the website is not regulated by any country.

A spokeswoman for the FBI declined to comment.