Billie Eilish and Billy Eilishes first dance video, “Somewhere In Between”


Billie and Billy are back, but this time, the song is from their first album, Somewhere in Between.

The video features a series of dancing scenes, including a scene in which Billie’s legs are bent over a table, and then a sequence of different moves to her right that are also repeated to her left.

The clip was released as a free downloadable audio download and can be watched below.

The video is not available in any language, and the original audio is available in a high quality audio clip.

The duo have made music since their inception in 2000, and are still touring as a duo.

The duo released their first single, “Just Say Yes,” in 2010, and have continued to tour as Billie, Billy, and Jaden.

Their newest album, Songs From the Vault, dropped on February 12, 2018, and features a variety of songs from the band’s debut album.