The Truth About Leaky Body Fluids


FourFourSeconds ago, a new body-care product was released, and the hype around it was palpable.

The new product was called the LeakyBody.

It contained a blend of natural body-building ingredients that would help to alleviate the symptoms of chronic LeakyBodies.

However, there were a few issues with the product that were quickly raised.

The ingredients listed on the package did not match up with the ingredients that were already on the market.

These included:Vitamin E Coconut Oil Fluorine Vitamin B12 Carbonate Caffeine Amino Acids Fibre Lactose Lanolin Sodium Chloride Protein Methionine Choline Lecithin Aqua Methylcobalamin Niacin Nootropics Folic Acid B12 Antioxidants Biotin Cholesterol Alfalfa Algae Glucose Glutamine Hydroxyethylcellulose Chondroitin Sulfate Nano-biotic Phenylalanine Carboxymethylcellol Carbohydrates Boron Nanotubes Pheomonas Nuclear Sulfur BHT Vitamins B6 Cobalamin (B12) Copper Iron Folate L-ascorbic acid Manganese Magnesium Magnesium Molybdenum Mithralins Phosphorus Sorbitan Stearic Acid Thiamine Nibromine Tocopherol Taurine Zinc Calcium Iron Oxides Mauricin Methylamine Pyridoxine CoQ10 Cyanide Tritan ZnO4S Zantham Gum Biopure Peglucan Lactic Acid Magnesia Carboamylose Tobacco Chlorella Cinnamon Bovine Growth Hormone Liver Pumpkin Prunus Chocolate Nectar Baking Powder Bismuth Carrot Chrysanthemum Chia Cinnamomum Cloves Citric Acid Glycerin Gluten Hydrogenated Lecithins Lemon Oil Lignin Lysine Lutein Pigments Polysorbate 80 Bisphos Potassium Linalool Luminol Lye Lymphosarcoma N-Acetyl-L-Lysimidazole Panthenol Pepstatin Vinyl Chloroform Sesame Oil Sugar Chromium Violet Liquids Aloe Daucus Carota Sorghum Pisum Sucrose Almond Oil Rice Beverage Chlorophyll Calcined Water Vinegar Lamb’s Mane Olive Oil Vitis Vinifera Coral Powder Chamomile Rosemary Rosewood Soybean Oil Spices Vermicelli Sunflower Oil Carmine Ozone Soothing Tea Pomegranate Sunscreen Vicotax Spirulina Vibrant Blueberry Almonds Blueberry Tea Cotton Bamboo Coffee Cream Dried Fruit Eggplant Fruit Honey Green Tea Lime Melon Mango Orange Pineapple Pearl Peach Papaya Plum Strawberry Tropical Fruit Tulip Cucumber Grapefruit Mangoes Pistachios Pomelo Red Currant Rosewater Rosebud Saffron Sedum Lemongrass Rosehip Stilton Sweet Orange Tupelo Tangerine Watermelon Wildflower Cilantro Coriander Curry Mint Nettle Nutmeg Oregano Parsley Persimmon Sapago Rose Quartz Spinach Strychnine Swiss Chard Stripe Taro Watercress Whole Seed Extract Wholesome Green Tea Whipped Cream White Bean Zestoflower Cannabis oil Ceylon Cranberry Cerulean 

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