The NFL is trying to make a body wash into a drug test: NFL


The NFL wants you to know that it’s trying to get its players to take a drug testing test.

On Monday, the league unveiled the first drug-testing initiative, which it says will be rolled out nationwide starting in 2020.

But it’s unclear whether players will actually need to take the tests or not.

The NFL says the tests will be free and mandatory, with each player eligible for free or reduced-cost tests, based on their performance on the field.

“It is imperative that all players are tested, regardless of their performance at the time of the performance of the test,” the league said in a statement.

The announcement came after a series of players took part in a mock NFL game and were suspended by the league.

One player, linebacker Derrick Brooks, was suspended for two games, after he tested positive for marijuana, according to the New York Times.NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says he will be making more announcements about the drug testing initiative this week, but the NFLPA, which represents players, is urging Goodell to take more concrete action.

“We have no problem with the NFL taking action when they see that it is in the best interest of players and the league,” said Scott Geathers, the NFL’s senior vice president of public policy and government affairs.

“We believe that there is an obligation for the NFL to be proactive in testing, and we are disappointed that they have decided not to do so.”

The NFL and NFLPA will hold a news conference Monday at 7 p.m.

ET at the NFL headquarters in Manhattan.

The union has been lobbying the league to do more to make drug testing mandatory for years.

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