MSNBC: Clinton Foundation has paid for ‘bizarre’ Clinton Foundation visit


The Clintons have been a long time supporters of charities, and their family foundation has been very active in helping the world fight AIDS, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

But the Clinton Foundation’s efforts in Haiti have been controversial, especially after the Clinton administration blocked donations to a charity that had been awarded a contract to help with the reconstruction of the country.

Now, that’s changing.

“We’ve been talking to a lot of our donors about this, and they’re very concerned,” said Hillary Clinton’s communications director Nick Merrill.

“They’re really concerned about it.”

The foundation has begun paying for the trip to Haiti, but Merrill says that it’s just the beginning of its work.

It has also started soliciting donations in response to the news that the foundation is considering a trip to Iran.

Merrill said that the trip is still “very much a work in progress” and that they are looking at a number of options, including trips to Russia and China.