Katherine Heigl Has a Body Boss Workout


Katherine Heggs is an endomorph.

She has a ton of muscle, but her body is not that different from a normal woman’s, says the actress who plays the boss of her own super-super-super agency.

In an interview with Bustle, Hegg said she has a routine that helps her “find my inner balance.”

The actor’s boss, a woman named Samantha, also has a job as a body-part shop manager, so it seems like she too might have an endorphin-filled workout routine.

“I think a lot of us have a really intense workout routine,” Shegg said.

“But there are times when I can get down to the little things.”

Hegg also discussed her own workout routine and how it could benefit your health.

You can watch the full Bustle interview here.

Hegg and Shegg are not the first celebrities to use the term “endomorph” to describe their own bodies.

Actress and model Kim Kardashian recently spoke about how she uses the term to refer to her own “endorphin fueled” body.

“It’s like being a zombie,” she said.

She added that her body “is kind of the only thing that’s really alive in the world, so that’s kind of how I feel.”

Heigos new workout routine was inspired by a workout routine she’s had in her previous job.

“My workout routine has been like this for the last five years,” she told Bustle.

“Every single day I wake up with a new workout, and then my routine’s always changed.

So my workout routine’s been like a workout every day.”

So, what do you do when your body is like an endomys?

“Just do it,” Sheigos rep said.

You’ll need to take care of yourself.

“You have to do a lot,” Sheiggos told Bustles.

“And you have to exercise every single day.”

The actress said that she “never thought that I would be a body boss, but I’m very much a body person.

And I’ve always had a passion for fitness, so I’m just kind of a big believer in health and well-being.”

And the actress is also very open about her struggles with endorphins.

“People are like, ‘Oh, you’re not really feeling it, you know?'”

Sheggs said.

So, do you know why your body feels like it is, or have you found a way to combat your endorphín spike?

“I don’t know,” Sheigl said.

And while she admits that it is “kind of hard,” she believes that “we can actually find a way.”

“I know I have a lot to be grateful for.

I know I’m lucky to have so much money and to have a great career.

And also, I’m so lucky to be able to have this body, so hopefully I can do what I want,” Shegos added.

“So, you never know.”

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