Howell Jolly bodies sells £15,000 car body in UK


Howell Jolly bodies sells the car body for a whopping £15.3million, and is selling it in the UK for £15k a piece.

Howell has sold its car body parts for the last five years and has been operating under a company called Howell Products.

The body parts company is selling the car for about £1,600 each at a time. 

Howell Products’ website has a “Buy it Now” button, but it is unclear if customers are buying the car and its parts for a price.

The car body sells for £13,000 a piece and is worth £13.5million. 

The company’s website says it is owned by “the company which manufactures Howell bodies”.

Howell’s website has also posted pictures of the car on its Facebook page.

Howler Products’ Facebook page has been flooded with pictures of its cars, but only one photo shows a photo of the body. 

What is Howell?

Howell Industries, a small body shop and body farm in Howell, Somerset, is a car body manufacturer that specializes in body parts.

The shop has produced several types of car body, including the Howler 4×4 and the Howell M-1. 

More: Howell Industries was established in 1873 and was sold to Sir William Howell in 1991 for £2.3 million. 

It now has over 5,000 employees.

The company was also one of the first to produce car bodies for the UK, and was later sold to Howell Motors in 2015 for £10m. 

In 2016, the company was sold for £1.8 million.

Howells was founded in 1872 by Sir William Whyland, a farmer.

The factory is now run by his son and grandson, and the two sons now run the business.

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