How to perform upper body workouts


It’s not just about the barbells, but also the lower body exercises that can be performed to strengthen the spine, the hips and the hamstrings.

The exercise we will be covering is the single-leg leg raise.

You can perform the same exercise in any position and this can be done in both standing or seated position.

First, let’s talk about how to do the single leg leg raise in a standing position.

To do this, stand on a chair or bench and place your feet about 12 inches apart.

The knees should be slightly bent.

Next, bend your elbows slightly and lower your hips into a sitting position.

The hip flexors will be pulling your lower back into the chair or stand.

Now, keep your arms straight and straighten your shoulders and keep your feet shoulder-width apart.

Take a deep breath and inhale into your mouth.

Now, take a deep, deep breath into your belly and exhale out through your nose.

The upper body should be relaxed and your shoulders should be resting on your hips.

You should be able to feel your ribcage and hip flexor muscles.

Repeat this exercise for 20 repetitions and then repeat it for 10 repetitions.

You will have achieved the goal of building the muscles in your lower spine. 

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