A new way to watch live sports


We’ve all got that itch to watch a live game, even if it’s in a slightly different way than when we played them before.

Here’s a new way for you to get all the sports you want at once: the NFL app.

The app will stream a game in HD for $8.99, and it’ll even be available on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Android devices.

You can’t watch live in-person games through the app, but you can stream them to the Roku, Xbox, or Apple TV using your existing TV set up.

The NFL app is the latest attempt by the NFL to tap into the burgeoning online video business and the $4.9 billion value of live sports subscriptions.

The app is still in early beta, so you may need to wait for it to go live in a few weeks.

(The NFL and its partners are also rolling out a new app for MLB, which is slated to launch later this year.)

The app also lets you watch live games on your Android phone or tablet or in other apps, including on Roku.

(On some Android devices, you can also watch games in HD on the Apple TV.)

The app also has a “stream to your TV” mode, allowing you to stream your own games to the device.

The first game I played in the app was a tie-in between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Dolphins, with my brother watching the game through the Roku.

It was a nice little bit of entertainment.

The NFL app has been around for a while.

Its launch coincided with the launch of NFL Mobile, a new streaming app that lets users stream their favorite games from the NFL on Android devices and iOS.

That app launched in January and will continue to support the NFL until the NFL launches its own streaming app.

This new app will be a little different, though.

For starters, you’ll need a streaming subscription from a major broadcast TV network to watch the games.

The service will only let you stream live games from NFL games you already subscribe to, and the NFL won’t give you any options to switch over to the other app or stream games from another service.

The new app also doesn’t allow you to watch replays from the games you’ve already watched, although you can replay some games.

It’s a little confusing at first, but once you get used to the app and get used with the different options, it’s pretty seamless.

You’ll find the same sort of features that you find in the NFL Mobile app.

The most important feature, though, is the fact that you’ll be able to watch your games on multiple devices.

If you’re using the NFL App on Android, you’re able to stream games to multiple devices, but if you’re on a Roku, you have to connect a cable subscription to watch on the device, and you can’t do that if you have a cable TV subscription.

The biggest issue I have with the NFL’s new streaming service is that it seems to be limited to the NFL.

As the app’s name suggests, it won’t let you watch the game on your TV with the apps on other devices.

Instead, it will stream the game from the other devices on your phone or laptop, and only let the NFL apps on those devices.

That means you can only watch a game on the NFL iPhone app or NFL Android app, and that means you won’t be able watch the same game on an iPad or Roku.

That’s not a huge deal in the long run, but it’s not something that will make the NFL experience more appealing to casual sports fans.

The NBA, for example, allows you to see games on both the NBA TV app and on the NBA app on Roku devices.

The other option on Roku is the NBA App, but that requires you to subscribe to the NBA Mobile app, which only lets you stream games on devices with your cable TV provider’s subscription.

In a statement to Mashable, the NFL confirmed that the new app is limited to live games only, not replays.

The league says it will continue working on a live stream to other streaming apps like the NFL TV app, ESPN, and MLB.

It says the NFL is working with other broadcasters and owners to make it easier for fans to watch their favorite teams and players live, and says that “the NFL will continue making its app available on other platforms to help fans watch their favorites live.”

The NFL also says it is working on another streaming app to allow fans to stream all their games from other devices as well, but we don’t know what that app will look like yet.

The same is true of the NFL mobile app, where it only lets fans watch the NFL games on their phones.