‘The most exciting car’


With a new body kit for the McLaren 650S and a new rear diffuser for the Ferrari 488 GTB, the 2017 V8 Supercars season has been one for the record books.

But this week, it’s the latest car to make a splash with an innovative system that combines the two, and it could change the game for 2017.

The Mercedes-AMG F1 Team has created the new ‘F1 Car of the Year’, the Mercedes AMG F2.1 Supercar, which is the latest in a line of Mercedes-branded cars that will be unveiled during the season.

The team has created a supercar that has been designed to perform at the highest level.

The ‘F2.0’ has been built around the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG GT3, and the first part of its design has been developed using the AMG R18 engines, which will make its debut at the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) in Melbourne next month.

While the car is a prototype, Mercedes has already confirmed that it will be one of the first models in the class to be fitted with an ‘F-Series’ suspension system that will provide an extra boost to the car’s grip.

The suspension system will work with the car in the cockpit and will also be available for the driver and team, with the driver taking advantage of the extra grip when they push forward.

The driver’s grip is a big part of the car, and Mercedes says the ‘F.2.5’ is a special version that will only be available to the team’s drivers.

The first F.2.’s were introduced at the 2013 Chinese Grand Prix, and they are used on all Mercedes-class cars.

“It will give you the extra push when you push forward,” Mercedes technical director Patrick Pemberton said.

“The ‘F’ series suspension is really unique and has been used by Mercedes-amg for a long time, so the engineers were really keen to take advantage of it and to take the technology from the ‘R’ series to the ‘C’.”

The new ‘R.2’ suspension has more stability, better feel and a bit more traction in the corners.

“It’s a system that Mercedes says is more stable, and that it’s going to be a big advantage to the driver when they have to make the turn from the left-hand side of the track into the right-hand one, where the ‘B’ series cars are not as stable.

The new car has a total of nine air intakes and an additional three for the radiator, and a front air intake with an additional ‘R2’ on the end.

In the cockpit, the ‘G’ series air intakes will be removed and replaced with the ‘V’ series, which means the driver will now have more freedom of movement when driving.”

All of this comes together to give the driver more control and a better feeling of control.””

We’ve designed a lot of different areas, so it’s not a very simple job, but we’re looking forward to getting it to you and working on it.”

All of this comes together to give the driver more control and a better feeling of control.

“As a result, the driver now has more control over the car when they are making the turn to the left from the inside of the corner, and this will be an advantage for the team in the early stages of the race.

The FIA World Championship is divided into two categories, and each team will have two cars for each race.

Mercedes-Amg has four cars for the race, with a total weight of 3,300kg.

This means the car will have to be weighed down by a hefty amount of equipment in order to compete in the race and the teams will also have to carry a heavy load for the duration of the season when there are no other competitors.

The F.1.2 is an FIA-approved hybrid engine that will also see the first use in an F1 car, with Mercedes having already used it in a test race for the FIA World Challenge in Spain.”

With the new technology, the chassis can be tuned so that the driver can accelerate more quickly and drive at higher speeds.””

When they turn from left to right, there is an advantage, and when they turn left to the right, it becomes less obvious.”

With the new technology, the chassis can be tuned so that the driver can accelerate more quickly and drive at higher speeds.

“If we can do that, we will be in a good position for the first race.”

In the WEC, the new Mercedes-ams is set to face off against the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car, while the F.3.0 will also race in the same category as the Porsche.

For 2017, the team has also announced the addition of a brand new chassis to the lineup, with it looking to introduce a new generation of Formula E

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