The ‘diy’ body massage


Body Massage: A DIY Therapy For The Awkward Woman?

article “I think we have an obsession with having an aesthetic body,” says Kelly O’Brien, a self-described “body loving” designer from London.

“Body positivity is about taking that obsession with a body that’s in itself beautiful and changing it so it’s a little more empowering and it’s actually beautiful.”

O’Briens, who is working on her first design for a line of body scrubs, says her personal body has been an obsession ever since she was five years old, and has never given up on it.

But she says it has also become an issue for women who feel uncomfortable around the body they are in.

“It’s a personal issue and there’s no one way to fix it, and it all depends on you,” she says.

Body Massages: The Truth About Body Scrubbing and Other Body-Positive Practices, by Kelly O, is published by New Scientist, priced £14.99, on Friday.

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