How to save on Body Rock products


Body Rock is now selling its Body Rock Body Wash.

Instead of buying it for $35, you can save $15 with coupon code BEAUTYSTICKYSTITCHED.

The product, which has been on sale since January, is now available at Walgreens and Target.

It is available in three types of body wash: liquid, water, and soap.

It also includes three other Body Rock-branded products.

Here’s how to get the coupon code: First, open your Walgills, Target, or Walgops, and select the “Special Offer” section.

Next, scroll down to the bottom and click the “Add to Cart” button.

Enter the coupon codes you see below:Body Rock BodyWash (liquid)Body Rock® Body Wash (water)BodyRock® Body Wash (soap)Get your BodyRock Body Wash!

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