How Fox News got its ‘Body Image’ coverage


The Wall Street Journal has been a favorite source of conservative media for decades.

The magazine was founded by a conservative newspaper owner, William F. Buckley Jr., and published in 1949.

The Journal’s circulation has doubled in the past 50 years.

But since the 1970s, Fox News has become a media powerhouse and its coverage of politics and the media has become more partisan.

A new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin chronicles how Fox News turned conservative media into an important tool in shaping the 2016 election.

He writes that Fox News became a platform for “bias-busting” — a political tool used by conservatives to push back on liberal media.

Sorkino says Fox News’s coverage was so powerful that “a conservative commentator on Fox News would have a hard time arguing with its coverage.”

That’s because conservatives were able to argue about everything from the environment to the death penalty to gun control, Sorkinos book explains.

Fox News was a platform that “bumped” news for conservatives — the conservative media.

The network was a place where conservatives could speak out about politics and their favorite topics.

But Sorkina says the network has become increasingly partisan.

“We saw it last year when the Trump administration put out an Executive Order to undermine media freedom.

We saw it again last year with the [White House] ban on transgender people serving in the military,” he said.

“And now it’s happening with the Trump White House.”

Sorkins book is the latest in a long line of efforts by conservative media outlets to turn their platforms into a powerful tool for conservative politicians and the conservative movement.

In recent years, the media outlets have also turned to social media to amplify their political message.

The right-wing Breitbart News has gone after mainstream news organizations that have criticized President Trump, like CNN and The New York Times.

Breitbart has used Twitter and Facebook to push its conservative message, including the creation of an ad campaign on Sunday to criticize MSNBC.

In October, conservative commentator Glenn Beck was one of many on Fox to criticize CNN.

Beck tweeted that CNN’s Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter were “very good” journalists and that “they should be ashamed.”

The network has been accused of bias by liberal media outlets.

The left-leaning Media Matters for America, which tracks media bias, released a report this year that found Fox News and other conservative media have been “part of the media establishment for decades” and have “a long history of making it their business to defend conservative politics.”

Fox News, which was founded in 1946, was also a favorite of former President Ronald Reagan, who used Fox News to promote his 1980 presidential campaign.

But as Sorkinas book notes, “it’s not a coincidence that right-leaning news outlets have been more likely to use the Fox News platform.”

Sockin’s book, The Wall St. Journal’s Body Image, is due out in the spring.

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