Body project in a wire: Bodie the Wire (via YouTube)


When you see the title Bodie The Wire, it’s easy to dismiss the concept as an elaborate joke.

But, it has a great story behind it.

Bodie, a wire that was created by Bodie Design, was designed by the renowned artist to help those with cerebral palsy.

“This is the first wire that I designed to help a person with cerebral pokes with their arm or wrist,” he says.

“I didn’t know that there was a way to use the wire in this way.”

In 2013, Bodie released his first piece of wire, a 3D model of his own hand that he named “Bodie.”

The model, inspired by his own experiences, was so popular that he began selling the design as a project to other people with cerebral problems.

“It’s something that I had a passion for.

And it’s something I wanted to share with others,” Bodie says.

The project gained so much attention that Bodie designed a full-scale bodysuit with the wire as its sole component, complete with arm, wrist, and hand prosthetics.

“The idea of bodysuits that were designed for people with disability really resonated with me,” Body says.

In 2015, Bodies project was featured in the documentary Body Project, a documentary about people with spinal cord injuries.

“A lot of times, we have to be very conscious about how we look and feel and express ourselves in society,” Bodies co-director Sarah Niles says.

It took Bodie more than a year to get the final model to the finished product, but the project has been inspiring for people around the world, including the actor Danny Glover, who played Bodie on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

“Bodies are really a way of being invisible, and they’re a way that people can be vulnerable and vulnerable without being a victim,” Glover says.

Even though Bodie has been featured on Stranger Things, the wire still remains an important part of the project.

“We’ve done so many projects where the wire is a tool and Bodie is just a symbol,” Niles explains.

“You could use a needle to make a wire, or you could make a string of wire.

And there are a lot of different ways to do it.

I don’t know if Bodie could ever have been a part of those things, but he’s still part of it.”

The wire is also an inspiration for the artist’s latest project, a sculpture of a woman with cerebral cerebral palsys.

The sculpture, called Bodie’s Body Project: An Indulgence, features a wire-covered bodyskeleton with hands and arms attached to it.

The bodysitter sits in a reclining position with her arms around the woman’s neck, with her legs crossed in front of her.

The wire and her bodyshop are arranged on a tabletop, and a large, circular metal sculpture of Bodie sits between them.

The sculptures are based on Bodies original wire sculptures and are designed to reflect the different ways people use it.

In a statement, Bodys creator Matt Gogol explained the project’s inspiration.

“Our work is a reflection of Bodies own struggles with cerebral pain,” he said.

“Every day, we see that our body is constantly changing and changing the way we experience pain.

This sculpture is one of the ways we can express the change we experience when our body changes, and to celebrate this process we make a connection to Bodie.”