Watch: ‘The View’ stars perform the ‘Mirror Move’ routine


A group of celebrities who have been a part of the reality television series “The View” have turned their attention to their favorite activity — the mirror move.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the “Mirror Movement” is one of the popular exercise routines in the show, which features a rotating cast of “reality stars” on the popular show.

One of the stars, who appeared in a video promoting the exercise routine, told the outlet, “I feel like I am in a mirror.”

“I feel my body is being put into this place,” said the celebrity, who did not give her name.

“I have this feeling that my body looks really good.

I have this sense of, ‘Wow, this is great.’

I feel great.”

One of many members of the cast, who has been a member of the show since its inception, revealed to the outlet that the mirror movement helps him get a “cleaner” body.

One member of “The Walking Dead” stars, Lauren Cohan, said that the practice of the mirror maneuver helps her with her weight loss.

“I have to keep moving, but I feel really good about myself,” she said.

“And I don’t have to look at the mirror.”

Cohan added, “My body feels good, but it’s not that good because I have to move.”

Cameron Diaz, a member on the show’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” talk show, also revealed that the exercise helped her shed weight.

“My favorite thing is the mirror,” Diaz told Carlson.

“That’s my favorite thing to do.”

According to a “TheView” spokeswoman, the routine was created by the “The Mirror Movement” and was originally created by co-creator and star J.J. Abrams.