How do you become a drunkard in Dubai?


The country is on the cusp of an alcohol crackdown after an unprecedented spate of assaults.

A local source told the newspaper the city’s police chief, Mohammad Jameel Mohammed, had called the authorities to help curb the problem, saying the problem had reached epidemic proportions.

“I called the police chief to ask them to take action against the criminals who are committing the most dangerous crimes in the country,” the source said.

“The chief assured me that he was not going to stop and asked me to not let my guard down.”

Alcohol is legal in Dubai, but there is strict government regulation.

Dubai’s alcohol laws, which cover bars, restaurants and other places where alcohol is served, are not as strict as those in Britain or the US, where the government is concerned about social distancing and alcohol-related crime.

But alcohol consumption is legal for private consumption, and the country’s police force, known as the Police Service of Dubai (PSD), are keen to combat the problem.

On Monday, police arrested two men, who had allegedly assaulted a young woman in the middle of the night.

The two men were arrested after the woman called police after finding them assaulting her in the bar in Jumeirah Street, a popular shopping area, police said.

Police have not revealed the names of the women involved, but a video taken by a passer-by shows the pair being assaulted by one man.

A PSD spokesman told the Dubai News Agency that the two men had “violated” the rules of the city, adding that the alleged assault took place on Monday night and was reported to the police.

One of the men is also accused of assaulting a woman in a similar manner on Saturday, the spokesman said.

The PSD said the woman who was assaulted on Saturday had reported the incident to the local police station, and had been treated for minor injuries.

Allegations of assaults in the city are also widespread.

Police say they have recorded about 40 incidents of alleged assaults and have arrested some of the accused.

Last month, the PSD arrested a group of suspected drunken tourists at the Dubai Mall in a raid on a party hall, police have said.

In March, a police officer in the eastern province of Sheikh Zayed told Al Jazeera that the number of incidents of alcohol- and drug-related assaults in Dubai had increased in recent months.

“Alcohol consumption in Dubai is on a steady decline and we are also seeing a decline in the number and severity of crimes committed in the streets,” he said.