Body Piercing Makes You More Selfish, and More Beautiful


New York’s body piercing industry is booming and growing, but its boom comes with some serious downsides.

New York City’s most famous tattoo artist and its most prominent tattooist, Tasha Sorenson, has a new book out that explores how body piercing can turn a person into a self-obsessed narcissist, a person who thinks they’re smarter than everyone else and that others are just stupid.

Sorenseons new book, “Body Piercing,” is full of stories about the art, the people, and the people’s experiences.

She tells a story about how she met her first client, a man she had never met before.

The client was a tattoo artist.

He said he wanted to get a tattoo of her and his face.

“So I go to the store, and I see that it’s like 10 bucks, so I go home and I get a $50 tattoo and it’s $400.

And I look at him and I’m like, I don’t know what you’re doing,” she told New York magazine.

“I’m like this is too crazy for me.”

It’s a sentiment that comes from her experiences, but it also comes from a book about how people are getting tattooed, and how people’s tattoos are changing how we see ourselves.

“We’re just being used and being exploited and being manipulated and having the world believe that we are not as smart as we actually are,” she says.

Sorensons experience mirrors what a lot of people do with their bodies, from using drugs to overeating to being physically abused.

And while body piercing is all about self-expression, Sorensons book is also about the way our body is used.

“The body pierces itself, the body piercings others,” she said.

“People who want to be beautiful, people who want tattoos, people that want to change their bodies.

And the body piercing becomes an excuse for people to be selfish and arrogant.”

But body piercing isn’t a thing that only happens to the rich.

“If you’re in the middle class, you’re going to get it,” she explains.

“You can go to a beauty parlor and get a free tattoo, and then the owner is going to pay for the whole process and you get to wear it for a week or two, and he’s going to give you a certificate and he says, ‘This is how you look.'”

The Body Piercing Industry is booming, and growing.

Seneks book explores the industry and the way it works, and she says that a lot has changed over the last two decades.

“Now we’re not going out in the streets, and we’re getting tattoos, we’re using drugs, we do things like eating out on the weekends, and people are just getting tattoos and being more selfish,” she explained.

“A lot of it has to do with the way the body works, it’s not the way we are as humans.

It’s the way they are to each other, and it doesn’t change.”

And she says it’s all part of the new reality of the body.

“When we started getting tattoos people used to have the confidence that they were the most beautiful person in the world, and that they could do whatever they wanted,” she wrote.

“They were the best at everything, but when they got to the point where they could be hurt by the world around them, and their confidence was so low, then they got really insecure and insecure and felt they could not control their body.”

For some people, their bodies are the new money, and they’re looking for ways to take advantage of it.

In an interview with NPR’s The Takeaway, body piercing artist and former escort, Laura Zimring, says the reason people are choosing to get tattoos is because they want to show their identity.

“For people who are self-aware, that’s what we’re going for,” she tells Takeaway.

“What we want to do is create a positive image of yourself, so that when you get that tattoo, it really makes a statement about who you are and how you feel about yourself.”

“People think that if they get a body piercing, they’re going back to a bad, unhappy past where they were bullied, but they don’t,” she continued.

“It’s a new way of seeing yourself, and so that makes it very positive, and when people feel confident, they feel empowered.”

And while it’s important for everyone to look good, Soreson says that body piercing shouldn’t be seen as the only option out there.

“This isn’t just a cosmetic thing,” she stresses.

And I think for the most part, people want to feel empowered, but people who get body piercers are also more insecure, they have less self-esteem, they can’t