Police search accused’s body for evidence to prove that he was beaten up


A case of body snatching and beating up has led to a police raid on the home of a prominent businessman who has been accused of allegedly kidnapping his wife and throwing her body into a canal, police said on Friday.

The police had earlier raided the house of the businessman, a former legislator from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who is also accused of killing his wife.

The body of the woman, a local BJP leader, was found in a canal in Kutch, which is just 10 km (6 miles) from the spot where the police raided on Tuesday.

The CBI is probing the case.BJP leaders said the woman had been taken away by her husband on the night of January 11 and his body was found dumped in a river three days later.

The woman, who was a prominent businesswoman, was married to an officer in the local police, they said.

They said they had lodged a complaint with the police but no action was taken till the CBI took up the matter.

Bengaluru-based lawyer Ravi Kumar said the man who has allegedly kidnapped his wife is accused of assaulting the woman in the presence of her family and a friend.

“The CBI investigation is on, but we are not sure if the case will be completed,” he told AFP news agency.

A number of cases have been registered against the businessman for allegedly kidnapping and killing his first wife, a doctor who was also a BJP member, and his daughter.

Bhaskar Raju, the BJP’s national president, was in Kuttala district to meet local residents to promote the party.

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