Chicago Body Rubs to Become First-Ever “Cerave” Body Wash & Body Paint Event in the U.S.


Chicago, IL — Body rubs and body paints are getting a big makeover this summer. 

Body rub &body paint event at the Chicago Art Museum is coming to Chicago, and it’s already been incredible. 

The Chicago Art Museum is hosting a Body Rub &Body Paint event to celebrate the first-ever cerave body washing & body paint  event at the Chicago Art Museum will be held June 23 from 4-7 p.m. on the Chicago Art Museum grounds, where attendees will be treated to complimentary food and beverage. 

This event is free to attend. 

Chicago City Limits announced in July that the Art Museum would become the first museum in the country to offer an all-day cerave & body wash event, with a special opening reception. 

Now, Chicago has become the newest museum to offer a cerave event on the ArtMuseum grounds. 

ArtMuseum curators have created a ceravedoggy and bodywash program that will feature live music, games, art installations, and a ceravideo, or video-based event experience. 

 “It’s a really exciting time for ceravideoggy,” said Chicago City Limits curator of cerave Mark McBride.

“We are the first city in the United States to offer an all day cerave body washing event. 

Our curators are excited to be able to bring this event to the Chicago area and bring more ceravisions into the Art museum’s community.” 

A video of the event will go up on the website as soon as it is finalized, and attendees can visit the website at to reserve a spot. 

A number of artists have already made their mark at Chicago ArtMuseums, and Chicago is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

For more information, visit the ChicagoArtMuseus website.

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