Today’s Unnoticed Answered Prayer

Hi everyone! This post was about my day yesterday, I posted it last night but I still hadn’t sent out the notifications for it because it was late. However, all day today I kept thinking that I needed to edit it. It was very long and I started to think maybe you all wouldn’t read it. So here I am tonight Sept. 27, editing it and it started like this…

Today’s post is random and about my day today. My husband and I completed several errands today . I just love productive days and crossing things off my planner to do list ( I use the Happy Planner from Create 365.) I woke up early, took my son to school, came home, showered and got ready for the day. I woke my husband up and I got Ashton ready. I knew we had several errands to be done but honestly, when I am out with my husband sometimes we sway in another direction and only part of the errands get done. However, today was different.

We were able to get my our SUV inspected, took it to Firestone for an alignment and check out for a noise and unusual feeling it was having. We went to lunch, T-mobile ,back to pick up the SUV, got the license sticker for it and then to State Farm to get a new policy. We had completed several things that had to be done and I can truly say that without the both of together it would have been nearly impossible to get it all done with just one parent and Ashton. I feel like Marco and I both realized that we need each other to get things done. On the way home, I was thinking about the day and how much was accomplished, then I realized that this morning when I was in the shower (which is when and where I usually do my praying) I prayed about the day ahead. I knew there was much to do and I asked God for a productive day and favor.

The lesson I learned was this,  I was worried the inspection wouldn’t pass because of the noise it was making, but it did. I was worried that not everything would get done, but it did. I was worried about the SUV costs to be fixed, God worked it out. God also gave us favor for the insurance quote. When I realized all of these things I thanked HIM, I know that God truly cares about every little thing that we care about and he looks out for us. Although everyday or my life is not perfect, we serve a great big God who is perfect and he will work everything out for our good and for that, I am thankful. You see, I had forgotten about the prayer I had prayed because I knew I had to hurry and get ready because I didn’t want it to get late and not complete our errands. I had forgotten about the prayer, BUT GOD didn’t, he heard me!

I normally wouldn’t make a post about my day, but I believe God has allowed me to have this blog platform to give others encouragement, to record my testimonies and to give HIM all the glory. I hope this post finds you all well and I am looking forward to the end of the week for my next post on a product review!

“I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” ~Augusten Burroughs


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    1. Thank you for reading! I like to write about my testimonies because I can always go back and read about what God did for me.

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