My Why

My Why, when you first think about creating a blog, you are told to make sure you enjoy to blog/write even if you do not get recognition or readers. Then you are asked, “what is your why?”  My reasons for starting a blog were simple for me to answer.

First, I have always loved to write, I have pretty much kept a journal all my life and blogging is just a way for me share my (our) lives with others.  Second, I know there is another mom out there that is looking for encouragement and some kind of reassuring that she is doing the best for her family.

I have been the woman asking herself and God, what is my purpose?  There has to be more than this, sometimes I got an answer, sometimes I didn’t.  Lastly, because even with social media and posting pictures or updating statuses, I’d like to write more about my day or week, about the picture I posted or about what I (we) did in hopes that you find my content useful and entertaining!

This is my first post and I am super excited for all of you to read about me and my family if you didn’t already know any of these things.  Even if you do know us personally, I think some of the content will still surprise you.  I am just learning how to blog and set up my page, so I hope you will stick with me as I learn and grow on my blog and in life!