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Hi everyone!  Today I will be telling you about these products that have instantly helped me with the issue of my face becoming very oily throughout the day.  I had been trying different foundations and none of them really helped.  I tried the NYX Matte but not flat and Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus foundation.  Now I know these are drug store products but I feel like since social media has shone the light on drug store make up, the products have improved much more while still being very affordable.  I found that it wasn’t only one thing I needed to change, because my face was still oily.  I realized that I hadn’t used my face mask in quite some time (being lazy I guess.)

I finally used it this weekend. After, my face was nice and clean.  I had used this product for many many years and now my daughter uses it too. I didn’t wear makeup for 2 days and before even when I didn’t wear makeup my face would be oily, so that was a big change that I noticed right away.

The next change I made was to Maybelline Fit me Foundation. It gave me nice coverage without feeling heavy on my skin.  Then I used Maybelline’s Shine Free loose powder.  Last step was to apply NYX Matte Finish spray. I had previously used the spray with using NYX Matte but not flat and I was still oily after a while. For the first time in a long time, with all of the changes I made my face wasn’t oily throughout the day!

This is a big deal for me because before I had found myself patting my face with napkins throughout the day .  I plan to continue to use these products until further notice.  I will be using the mask at least 2-3 times a week from now on.
I guess I have to remind myself that everything changes.
My body, my hair and my face are not the same as they were 20 years ago. I’m in my mid 30’s now and who knows what else I’ll have to change later, but for now I will learn to embrace where I’m at.

Below are photos of the products I used. ↓ ↓ ↓








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