Life Goes On; Continued


I wanted to continue about my previous post because I feel that even though we know that life goes on and that there is nothing that we can do about it, we can be mindful of the people who are going through something.
For instance, when I was at the hospital with my husband family was always there with me, he had visitors every weekend that filled the waiting room. People called me regularly and send me food, his co-workers helped  collect money to help with bills.  We were truly blessed during that hard time.
I myself know that we can get so wrapped up in our own lives and everything going on around us that we can forget about loved ones situations, but it shouldn’t be that way. We shouldn’t let ourselves get so busy that we do not call or at least send a text to those family or friends. We may not always be able to physically or financially be able to do something for them but we can let them know we care and that they are in our thoughts and prayers. Although, I believe that physically doing something nice for that person is best because you can just do it without necessarily letting the other person know, it will be a nice surprise.
That friend or family member that just had a baby, offer to clean up while that new mom naps, showers or reads a book. Take something to eat to that wife or husband that is at the hospital with their spouse, if they have children, offer to take the kids out. To the single mom friend you have, make sure you do not forget to invite her places for play dates with your kids. To that family member you know who’s home was flooded or caught on fire, let them know you are praying for them and speak encouragement to them.
I’m reminding myself of these things to do as I write this. I just think that since we have social media and most of our friends and family on there; that we forget that we can extend a better gesture and be more useful other than comment a simple one liner that reads “prayers” or “praying for you.” Not that we shouldn’t comment those things but make sure you are actually praying for them, make sure you are updated on their situation and go the extra to let that person know that they are truly loved. For some people going through a rough situation, you could be the only one who will show them the love of Christ, offer them help or speak encouragement to them.
As I mentioned above, I am reminded of all of these gestures I need to be doing as well. Show the love of Christ through my actions and do not get so busy that I become insensitive to the needs of those I love.

As always, thank you for reading and stay blessed! 

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