Has your mind ever been so busy and going on and on about a whole lot of nothing, really ? Well thats been me the last couple of weeks. I let the littlest things distract me from doing the things that I truly love to do like writing, documenting in my planner, decorating my house for the holidays and yes even cooking and cleaning. I love to do all these things and for some reason my mind is just going a million miles and I can’t quite grasp time to do all the those things. Thinking back I think its OK to take breaks, even from things that we love to do, as long as we do not stay in that mode.
At the beginning of October I printed out calendars for the rest of the year and I made schedules of my husbands and mine work schedules. This time of the year there are so many events and festivities that I wanted to figure out when we could do it all. Well October came and went and guess what? I didn’t even start decorating for fall or take Ashton to a pumpkin patch. Well I guess we were all a little preoccupied with the Houston Astros going to the World Series and winning! Now its November and I am ready to get back on track! There is a new schedule with my husband’s work and we have more evening time and free weekends to do more, no more shift work husband for a while. This is a BIG change for us, my husband has worked shift for almost 11 years now. Well thats a whole other blog post LOL, I just hope we can really enjoy our new time together.
There are so many festivities to do and I always want to do them all this time of year. I have came to the realization that no, we can not do them all. For the past 4 years we have gone to see the houses that are extravagantly decorated with lights in River Oaks. The big kids and I enjoy Starbucks and Ashton is fascinated with the lights. Maybe this year we will get off and walk the neighborhoods, we only always drive around. We usually visit the area about 2-3 time throughout the season, it makes for a fun and inexpensive night out with the family. We also want to visit 2 new places for family fun, hoping to make them tradition as well. If we do visit, I will defiantly write my review the places.
The holidays can be a magical time for many families however, I know there are some people that can seriously get stressed about the holidays. They hide and close themselves off from family and friends because the holidays can really add stress and anxiety to some people. I think its important to realize what really matters and what you can do to make it special. During times like these when my mind is distracted and I get overwhelmed with events, schedules and “life” I remember to cast my cares on HIM and take the focus off all of my distractions and focus on Jesus. I love to praise my way to a good mood. Doesn’t matter how I feel when I start praise and worship because in the end, I feel refreshed and HE breathes life into every situation I bring before him.
As always, thank you for reading and feel free to share what some of your family traditions are, where do you like to go see the lights?

2 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. Beautifully written. I always get distracted this time of the year and it’s usually by all the things I can’t afford to get, like lights or new Christmas trees. I’m ashamed to say it makes me sad and I have to work hard at choosing joy. To do so I have to keep my eyes on Jesus and praise and worship and realize that I have all that I need!!

    1. Same here Annie. I have to remind myself that my family and I are blessed beyond measure. We have more than some and more than most in other countries. Also, we serve a God that tells us to take delight in the Lord and all the desires of our hearts will be added! Psalm 37:4

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