Happy Sunday!

Today is the beginning of a new week!  Last week was an emotional and stressful week for everyone who lives in Houston and its surrounding areas.  We had Hurricane Havey make landfall in Texas and Houston and its surrounding areas were affected with destructive historical flooding.   Although my family and I were very blessed not to have flooding or any damages to our home or vehicles, thousands were not.  Including my little sister and her family.  We thank God that her family was safe after a few days and that soon she will be back into her home.  Last Tuesday night, after most of the rain had stopped, I wrote a blog post.  It was all over the place and very emotional going through remembering the day to day of all that had happened.  I won’t go into too much detail but I named that post “Humanity”  because I was overwhelmed with all of the first responders and all of the volunteers that were coming from all over to help rescue people from their homes in the flood waters.  Many people risked and some lost their lives to help rescue others.  My heart was humbled and I was just writing and writing to hopefully never forget the emotions of all those days.  Today, I decided not to post that blog and instead to write a blog about how blessed we still are.  My pastor said it best this morning, that there are places in other countries that are flooding and they have no insurance, no help, no one to publicize what is going on there.  Those are third world countries and they have no choice but to settle where they are placed.  Many  die because there are no warnings of tv or technology for them.  So those people need even more help.  They  basically had nothing to begin with, and now even more so.  There are also many fires happening right now.  In Montana people are loosing their homes there as well due to fire.  I consider us extremely blessed and that we who are,  need to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  This week as we get back to schedules and routine, I will not forget to pray for those who are still displaced and for those who lost their family members, for those who were already suffering.  My heart is heavy with what else is yet to come, truly if we want to know, it is written in the bible.  I have been told many times before that we are surely seeing the end of times, what are your thoughts? 

xoxoxox stay blessed